The Tulpamancer 2017-2019
Web Performance and Immersive Video
Duration variable

The Tulpamancer
A tulpa is a mental companion created through focused thought and recurrent interaction, similar to an imaginary friend. However, unlike an imaginary friend, tulpas have their own will, their thoughts and their emotions, allowing them to act independently.The word tulpa literally means a form of thought in Sanskrit, and the concept originated in Tibetan Buddhism as a meditative practice. However, today the word is associated with a subculture that seems to have originated in 4chan around 2009, where practitioners, called tulpamancers, experiment with the creation of tulpas, sometimes based on characters from popular culture. The Tulpamancer web performance asks: what happens when tulpas become instabots? What happens when these thought forms are rigged into digital bodies and left to explore the web?

© Lauren Moffatt 2020 // Impressum