Beyond The Rubicon 2018
Virtual Reality
No fixed duration (interactive)

Beyond the Rubicon
The viewer encounters seven sculptural objects suspended in a confined gallery space. The grainy black and white walls of the enclosure suggest the texture of film stock. The sculptures themselves are distorted 3D renderings of bodies created by scanning moving images from film and television. Depending on the visitor’s point of view, the objects shift from resembling familiar depictions of young heroines to evoking grotesque cubist portraiture based on the erratic success of the scanning process. In addition to their changing visual composition, the objects have distinct aural signatures that comprise the piece’s soundscape, underscoring the multisensory fabrication of space. As visitors virtually touch these objects, the hand controllers rumble until the sculpture fractures into digital fragments, producing momentary static and finally silence. Text: Harry Burson

© Lauren Moffatt 2020 // Impressum