Lauren Moffatt

Deep Dive

Worth Ryder Art Gallery

University of California Berkeley Campus
Berkeley, CA

April 5 to April 26, 2018

Deep Dive Or the Limits of Immersion is an art exhibit that explores the possibilities and challenges of AR/VR to shape, integrate, and confuse aspects of reality. The projects showcased in the exhibit are guided meditations that take the viewer through various computer generated landscapes. These liminal landscapes in AR/VR present poetic imaginaries of ecology, technology, history, postcolonial thought, and disability, while also creating temporal and spatial multiplicities.

This exhibit is curated by Asma Kazmi.
Featuring: Shezad Dawood, Asma Kazmi, Marcos Lutyens, Joe Mckay, Jill Miller, Lauren Moffatt, Greg Niemeyer, and Olivia Ting.

Beyond the Rubicon, 2018

Programming by Nico Nonne (Trotzkind)
Sound by Draisine
Camera by Sidonie Roberts

The ultimate ephemerality of the sculptural objects in Beyond the Rubicon raises provocative questions about materiality and preservation in connection to the virtual. The impossibility of grasping these virtual objects coupled with their inevitable disintegration suggests some ambivalence about the role of digital media in issues relating to access, memory, and the archive. Additionally, Moffatt draws attention to the continued importance of the body in virtual space. The fluctuating representation of feminine bodies indicates the potentially transformative effect of digital media for the representation and perception of the human form. Yet the continued imbrication of vision, hearing, and touch in navigating the work forestalls any unwarranted idea of a transcendent, disembodied experience of virtual space. Beyond the Rubicon grapples with the crucial matter of how recent digital technology reshapes one’s sense of self as well as the self’s relationship to physical and virtual environments. And as the title suggests, these issues must be carefully considered, as we have passed the point of no return in our engagement with and in digital worlds.

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